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Best doctors in Lahore providing comprehensive healthcare solutions for over a decade, our clinic offers a range of specialized services including general physician consultations, physiotherapy, gastroenterology, diabetes management, and psychology support. Your health and wellness are our priority.

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Best Doctors in Lahore

Dr. Usman Javaid

General Stomach Diabetes

Timings: Mon-Sat | 6:30PM - 10:00PM

Dr. Usman Javaid, a top-rated gastroenterologist in Lahore, brings extensive expertise and qualifications, including MBBS, FRCP, and Diplomas in Gastroenterology and Diabetes. With years of experience treating various digestive disorders, he offers personalized care and advanced procedures, making him a sought-after specialist in Lahore.


Dr. Sehrish Noor

Child Psychology Mental Health

Timings: Wed, Sat | 2:00PM - 6:00PM

Dr. Sehrish Noor is a renowned Clinical Psychologist specializing in treating a variety of mental health concerns for both children and adults. With expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Behavior Therapy, she offers compassionate care for issues such as depression, anxiety, marital problems, and child behavior disorders.

With over 8 years of experience and collaborations with esteemed organizations like the WHO and UNODC, Dr. Noor provides personalized support tailored to each individual's needs.


Dr. Ehtisham Chaudhary

Physiotherapy Sports medicine

Timings: Mon-Sat | 1:00PM - 6:00PM

Dr. Ehtisham Chaudhary, PT, is a highly skilled physiotherapist specializing in spine and disability rehabilitation. With over 5 years of experience treating over 20,000 patients, he holds post-graduate certifications in Spinal Manual Therapy and Ergon IASTM Therapy, along with expertise in Dry Needling and Kinesiology Taping. Dr. Chaudhary's dedication has earned him numerous awards and certificates, and he is currently a valued team member of Sports Medicine Australia (SMA).


Dr. Shabila Sharif

Mental Health Professional Clinical Psychology

Timings: Mon-Sat | 4:00PM - 9:00PM

Dr. Shabila Sharif, Consultant Clinical Psychologist since 2013, specializes in neuro-developmental disorders, anxiety, depression, and relationship counseling. With nearly a decade of experience, she compassionately addresses diverse mental health issues. Honored as a guest speaker and awarded for her contributions, she is dedicated to empowering individuals through counseling and confidence-building techniques.


Dr. Maria


Timings: Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat | 6:00PM - 9:00PM

Dr. Maria, graduated in 2022 and brings 2 years of diverse experience from Iffat Anwar Hospital, Jinnah Hospital, and IOR. Specializing in neuro and ortho management in females, she also practices general physiotherapy. Dr. Maria actively contributes to breast cancer awareness and has been awarded for her excellence as a student.


Dr. Sehrish Ashraf

Dermatology Cosmetology​​

Timings: Fri | 7:00PM - 10:00PM

Dr. Sehrish Ashraf, a seasoned Dermatologist and Cosmetologist, brings over 10 years of experience to her practice. With qualifications from reputable institutions, she specializes in treating various skin conditions and offers services like acne treatment, chemical peels, and more. Patients can book appointments at Javaid Poly Clinic or opt for online consultations for convenient access to her expertise.


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